OverTheWire: Bandit Level 3 → Level 4


The password for the next level is stored in a hidden file in the inhere directory.

ls, cd, cat, file, du, find

> whatis ls                                                                         
ls (1) - list directory contents

> whatis cd
cd (1) - change working directory

> whatis cat
cat (1) - concatenate files and print on the standard output

> whatis file
file (1) - determine file type

> whatis du
du (1) - estimate file space usage

> whatis find
find (1) - search for files in a directory hierarchy

Note : All commands don’t have to be used to complete level


View the files that are present in the current working directory using the ls command

bandit3@bandit:~$ ls

Move into the inhere/ directory. This can be done using the cd command

bandit3@bandit:~$ cd inhere/

View files that are in the directory using the ls command. Since we know the file is hidden we have to use the -a flag to view hidden files.

(For more information on the ls command and its various flags refer to man ls or ls --help )

bandit3@bandit:~/inhere$ ls -a
. .. .hidden

View the content of .hidden file using the cat command

bandit3@bandit:~/inhere$ cat .hidden

We have found the password for the next level !!

Logout of current session and use password of user bandit4 to access next level

> ssh bandit4@bandit.labs.overthewire.org -p 2220
This is a OverTheWire game server. More information on http://www.overthewire.org/wargames
bandit4@bandit.labs.overthewire.org's password: pIwrPrtPN36QITSp3EQaw936yaFoFgAB

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